It’s funny how long I stared at the computer screen trying to come up with something to write about before I caved into my writers block. Often times I feel the need to say something profound or insightful any time I open my mouth or set out to write. And that may be the general purpose of the blog, to mix style and photography with added meaning but there are some days where it should be okay to just put a little fluff into the world.I have been so inspired by these pants! I bought them in the Zara sale last month for $15 and have found quite a few ways to style them. They look amazing with a simple turtle neck and ankle boots but also can be styled up or down from there. I’ve paired them with a button down blouse and pumps as well as a concert t-shirt and biker jacket ( like I did here).  This particular concert tee I got when I saw Beyonce last fall. It isn’t the most appropriate shirt in the world but when I saw it, I knew I had to have it. It’s so freaking cheeky, I love it.I wanted to add a pop of color and I knew my pink motorcycle jacket would be perfect. The structure mixes well with the casual t-shirt but the color gives the tone an over all feminine playful vibe. Rounding out the outfit I went with my trusty patent leather boots. Which I am sure you will all be sick of seeing very soon (if not already). Overall this look made me feel like a rockstar on her way to business meeting. You can still look badass in baby pink and I stand by that statement.

 When I am struggling for inspiration I try to look in places that I frequent less. Getting into a different head space is great when you feel like nothing is coming to you. Basically everything the same kills my creativity. When I see or read something new and different from what is usually surrounding me, that is when I get my better ideas. Then again I do not think there is any shame in admitting when you are not feeling particularly inspired. Sometimes it is okay to put out the content as just what it is, it does not make it less than, as long as you still love it.


Photography: Robbie Hall

Pants (similar) | Tshirt | Boots | Jacket (similar)


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