Alone in uncrowded in the cafe she sits and watches. The people going by, the rain on the glass. Does she look like she is waiting? Waiting for someone or something to come and occupy her time? Waiting for the adventure that dances through her daydreams? Or simply waiting for her coffee too cool.I’ve never been a patient person. Yes there are times where I can be and I understand the need to be but in reality I want things to happen as quickly as possible so I can do more things. In elementary school I did what all little girls did at that age; take dance lessons. However at the age of 8 it was thought that maybe dance class just was not for me. My mother informed me years later that instead of keeping along with the other girls, I would race through the moves as quickly as I could and be finished with my dance before anyone else in the class. You can imagine how hard this must of been for the dance instructor, as well as anyone else to watch.

This behavior carried on into my adulthood and is probably the biggest reason I struggle with arts and crafts. But seriously patience is something that I have been working on. Mostly its the patience to work at something that might not always come naturally to me, or its the patience to slow down and really think out my actions before implementation. Other times its just not stressing about something I’m just starting to learn. The best things in life take time to master, they take time to come your way and they take time enjoy. Eventually everything will be in it’s rightful place, its just having the patience to let that happen.I want everyone to know that I wolfed down that croissant after we were finished shooting these images. Killebrew in Nashville has a very very good croissant. This ensemble was again inspired by those Parisian cool girls who haunt cafe tables and sip cafe cremes. As the weather gets warmer, I tend to be inspired by feminine outfits and classic pieces. I started wearing silk scarfs in high school. Back then they were not considered a trend piece but I wore them with a button down and jeans like it was. My grandmother had this stunning collection of scarfs that my sister and I would play with all the time. Eventually she gave me a few of them to have as my own. A silk scarf has this magical power to make you feel like classic Hollywood starlette or a fashionable European fille with just a twist and a knot. My favorite way to wear one is with a collared shirt and my hair in a ballet bun.

Blogger Confession: My hair was down for these photos because we shoot multiple outfits at a time and getting the perfect bun is way too hard when you have 3 other outfit changes to do. Please just try and use your imagination when picturing this look with a top knot.

Photography: MD Black

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