My goal for this blog is to create a relatable space that is both vulnerable and inspiring. Vulnerability is an amazing trait, it creates space to let others in and sympathize but also helps build relationships and connections. Nothing great can be created without a bit of vulnerability, But it’s hard. It’s hard to constantly sharing all of your thoughts and emotions everyday. There are periods of time where I don’t always want to share what is going on in my head. I pride my blog and instagram posts in that they feel like an authentic space but would it be in-authentic to constantly be writing about feelings that I don’t want to share? I think it might. Everyone is entitled to privacy and while I’ve never felt that my privacy was being violated there are times where it’s ok not to share, not to be vulnerable, to have something that world doesn’t need to be a part of.

This past week, I really struggled with what to write or what to say with my posts. I was not inspired to write a blog post and I felt myself retreating from something I have found great joy in doing. It was not for lack trying or feelings of laziness but instead that I just did not feel like being vulnerable. So I took a mini step back, I lightened up my posts and sought inspiration else where. Because this is my creative outlet I have the luxury to do so.  When something begins to make you feel icky its ok to take a step back and assess what it is. This space is a reflection of me and my journey through life, it is a record of vulnerability but also so much more. I will continue to create in this space the way I think fits me best, which means sharing my feelings, emotions and the highs/lows of life. Which let me tell you, life is pretty grand right now.

I was very inspired by head to toe white for this outfit. Yes, yes I know the polo is technically cream but cream and white are one of my favorite color combinations. I might have said that last week about khaki and white…whoops. What can I say I have a specific color palette. I knew trying this outfit on that I might look a bit like a tennis pro but I love how classic 1970’s this vibe is. The knitted polo with classic white tennis shoes, I feel like the preppiest kid at the roller rink. There is something so clean and classic about tonal dressing, I really appreciate it. 

Photography: MD Black

Shoes| Polo | Shorts (similar)

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