So today marks the end of two years since I moved to Nashville. Let me tell you, those two years flew by more quickly than I anticipated. It feels like a completely different person packed up her tiny apartment in Bloomington, Indiana and trekked a few hundred miles, cat in tow, to this insane city. I say insane in the best possible way. In the last two years I have had quite a few adventures, met so many interesting people. I’ve made some major mistakes along the way but had some incredible opportunities come my way. Nashville is a place where I’ve learned to grow into myself and while I’m still working on it, I am grateful that I’ve gotten to do it here.In 2016 I was young and optimistic. I still am both of those things today, but it was even more so then. Starting my first “real adult” job with the salary to match. I signed for an apartment that was more money than I needed to spend on housing. I was drawn in by the historic charm, hardwood floors, and built in cabinets. The antique elevator and red brick exterior might have also been a factor. And while I love this apartment and my time here, moving was exactly the right thing to do two years later. I was spending half of my pay check on rent and utilities, and I did not have the capitol to pursue other hobbies and passions. While I loved living here, it was holding me back. When I finally realized this, I knew it was time to move forward and say goodbye.

We shot these photos in that very apartment. I have a few weeks overlap where I was moved into my new place but still had the keys to my old one. I thought it might be interesting to shoot in it. The light in this place is freaking amazing. Natural light instantly makes me happy. For two years I had a corner apartment that was just wall to to wall widows. Lamps only went on after dark.

My favorite bloggers are generally based in the UK. They absolutely influence my style but living in Nashville is also another major influence. Nashville and London have completely different fashion tastes. The London look is a bit more classic but with a minimal and almost masculine twist on femininity. Nashville embraces lots of eclectic styles and there does not seem to be one style in particular, but there is absolutely a southern boho vibe that I see over and over. I stole this outfit from a UK blogger, she pretty much wore the exact same thing for own blog. But isn’t it said that all great artists steal? Yes fashion is art.Shooting in the apartment seemed appropriate. It’s like the closing of a chapter of my life. Like it said before, the girl who moved here seems almost unrecognizable to me these days. This apartment marked a period of my life where I was trying to find my footing on my sense of self.  Living in this city has its challenges. I came here with no social network and had to build a life that was happy with. There were times where I thought about leaving, but ultimately I like this city a little much to leave it just yet. So for now I’ll just say goodbye to this apartment and see what is next for me here in Nashville. I’m feeling optimistic!

Photography: Robbie Hall


Dress (old similar) | Boots | Turtleneck

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