I feel like I’m entering a new chapter of my life. Maybe it’s the year coming to end and the amount of reflection I’ve been doing. Maybe it’s just the natural course of time and life that changes and evolves. What ever it is, it’s what driving me forward. In keeping with that, I am planing on some major renovations to my web presence. Including showcasing more of my photography work here on the website. There will still be fashion content, but it might not be my face you’re going to be seeing.

A couple of weekends ago my friend Meaghan and I, spent a rainy afternoon creating a makeshift studio in her living room. As two burgeoning photographers with no money, we don’t always have access to fancy equipment or spaces. Because of this, we have to get creative. We borrowed lights and stands, we hung sheets and invited our friends to come model. We forgot to eat for hours and had the best time.

As frustrating as it might be not having the capitol to access the best equipment in an already expensive hobby, there is no reason you can not get creative. Luckily, we have this amazing network of creative people in Nashville. As the day went on word got out to what we were doing and more and more people show up to hang out and get a little weird. It might have been one of the best days I’ve ever had.

I realized I stopped working on the blog so much because I felt like I had run out of profound things to say. I always wanted my posts to be meaningful and relatable, but I started to put so much pressure on myself to have something to say that stopped saying anything. The last year I’ve seen so many changes, upheavals and progress, that it feels like I’m an entirely different person. And I am, so I need to change how I approach my creative projects in conjunction. I want to share my life and my work, and that starts with actually sharing it. I need to keep writing what I’m learning about myself even if what I’m learning is so different from what I have already learned. So for those who came here for my honest prose, I hope I can still deliver that, even if it’s not what it used to be.

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