It’s been a while since I got in front of the camera. To be honest, I was not feeling as inspired by clothes as I had been in the past. I love fashion and I love to get dressed but a recent weight gain lead me to feel so insecure in what I was wearing that I barely bothered to get dressed. Physical discomfort in my clothes lead to mental discomfort with myself.

Its not an uncommon thing, but it all seemed juxtaposed against so many great things that were happening in my life. Finding a creative community here in Nashville, coming into my own as a creative and just building relationships that truly made feel fulfilled. I’ve talked about my struggles with body positivity on the blog before and while it is something I still work on everyday it none the less can cause my mind to spiral into a place where I do not feel good enough. Where I feel that I am not enough. Clothes are an armor, they are a protection against a world that ultimately I can not control. When I feel good in my clothes I feel protected against that chaos. If the clothes can not protect me then I know I need to reach a little bit deeper into myself and be my own armor.

This was a photoshoot I needed to regain a little bit of my confidence in front of the camera. I styled these three looks around pieces from the local Nashville boutique, Ulla. Ulla’s pieces are trendy and affordable, but versatile enough to last you from season to season. This little shop is a one woman show. It’s creator Shelby runs the entire boutique on her own and is an impressive Lady Boss in her own right. Her work ethic and content creation for her brand is stunning. I still consider myself lucky to have worked with her on this project.

As a lot of you may already know, my creative focus has shifted towards my work as a photographer. I absolutely love fashion photography and knew that I wanted to push the envelope for this shoot. My friend Meaghan, who has been on this journey with me since day one and is my photography soul sister, shot all of the images for this post. I knew I could trust her work and that our visions would match up. In fact when we were deciding a location I said I wanted to do a parking garage, and she sent me a reference image of the exact parking garage I had in mind. During the shoot we both saw a patch of light at the exact same moment and looked at each other already knowing that we needed to use. Eerily, the patch of light disappeared moments after we wrapped shooting with it.

Ulla Pieces: Black Knot Sweater, Pink Camisole ,Black Flare Cords,  Faux Leather PantsB

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