Top of the list of skills I do not possess is a Poker Face. I tend to wear my emotions on my sleeve (and by sleeve I mean my face.) This shoot made that fact very clear. I got out to Love Circle for sunrise. Its at the top of a hill with the best view of the city. At night its beautiful to see all of the lights. the Nashville skyline is rapidly changing so the view seems to be different each time I’m up there. Sunrise at Love Circle did not disappoint. Although in the photos you can’t really tell how beautiful the sky turned. It’s truly a magical little spot.

Fun Fact: When I bought these jeans they had a finished hemline but I got bored and cut the bottoms off. I have a similar pair of Levi’s that I also like to wear and I wanted a pair of frayed hem jeans. Instead of buying a pair like that I just took a pair of scissors to ones I already owned. Upcycling is a great way to stretch out your closet from trend to trend. Also these particular pair of jeans were a little longer than I liked so it was a good solution to that.

I love turtlenecks. I wear them far too often in the colder months. Whenever I need an easy chic piece to wear or want to feel fashionable, I reach for a turtle neck. Honestly if I could wear a variation of this outfit all of the time I would. But that is boring and you guys would get sick of it, right? I’ve had these two pieces for a while. The sweater I got a few years ago from The Limited, before it went of business. The jacket is from H&M, and I think I picked it up for $20 while I was still in college. Other than the zipper breaking (no worries it snaps and I rarely wear it closed) its held up well. and the fabric is still pretty strong.

My watch is another piece I have had for years. It was a birthday gift to myself when I turned 21. I usually pair it with the most glamorous of accessories, hair ties. Seriously I do not feel complete without a hair tie around my wrist. You never know when you’re going to need to get down to business and get your hair out of the way. Leaving the house without a hair tie to me is as bad as forgetting my phone. Does anyone else feel that way?

Rising with the sun was worth it. To be honest I didn’t want to get out of bed that day but I pushed through it. Sometimes the best thing to do is the opposite of what you’re feeling. Getting out of bed that day was exactly what I needed. I ended up spending the day after this shoot, hiking the most beautiful trails with a friend and creating some really fun content that I am so proud of! So to anyone who feels that their funk is all consuming, my best advice is to keep moving and take care of your spirit first.

Photography: Robbie Hall

What I’m Wearing

Jacket (old similar) | Sweater (old similar) | Jeans (similar) | Boots

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