I am starting to believe in the whole “put out into the Universe what you want and the Universe will deliver it back” thing is true. However, not in a passive sort of way. If you want something from the Universe, you also have to be willing to put yourself in the way of opportunity. Opportunities are abundant, but if we fail to see them or never act on them for fear of failure or rejection than the never come to fruition. I’m learning that slowly but resolutely. A lot of what was/is standing in my way is this fear of not being able to do a good job. I might have never done something before so why do I think that I could it now? To over come that I am listening to the advice of a friend, “The first time I shot a wedding was the first time I shot a wedding.” Meaning you cannot ever become something without doing it for the first time. Just believe you can do it or fake it if you have to. That is the only way to achieve what you want, start.My first time working with a new photographer was my first time working with a new photographer. And I mean these images are from my first time working with a new photographer. How many times can I say photographer in one paragraph? After a few months of taking mostly my own photos for the blog/Instagram I had the happenstance of connecting with someone new. Shooting with someone new was incredibly nerve racking beforehand. Again, that feeling of “What if they don’t think I do a good job” was in the back of my mind. I wish it hadn’t been, because it was an amazing experience. We got a long so well and produced some incredible content together. Both of us were experimenting all the while joking around and having a fun time together. I realized that is what helps me relax and feel confident, the space to joke around and get comfortable. It was honestly such a fun shoot and it all came from a couple quick messages over Instagram!I’m not sure where the inspiration for this outfit came from. Although its not too far off from how I originally styled these pants. I picked up this amazing Star Wars t-shirt from Buffalo Exchange a couple of weeks ago and seriously I am in love with it. The best tip to find rad t-shirts is to look in the men’s section. Generally they are cheaper and more interesting that what you find in the women’s section. That being said a t-shirt should not be a gender specific item of clothing, in fact no item of clothing should be gender specific. It’s just clothes, wear what you want. Ok, I’m done ranting now.

These trousers are so high-waisted and tight that I wanted to try a different silhouette out here. I loved how it looked, tying the t-shirt up in front rather than tucking it in. Tucking in a lot of fabric to these pants makes all of the lines look weird and gives me a bit of a lumpy middle section. Tying it up kept that from happening. For extra cool factor, I wore my denim jacket and pair of wooden platform sandals. To be entirely honest, I was going to style them with boots again. I know, I know what you’re thinking “Caroline, you wear the same two pairs of boots all the time! In fact all you wear are boots”! I hear you on this and that is why this outfit is styled with NOT BOOTS! I thought these particular pair of shoes were effortlessly cool and still a little edgy to go with the rest of the outfit. Everything kept on vibe.

I guess what I was trying to get at in this blog post is that there is no need to get in your own way. Letting the fear of failure or rejection is just another obstacle keeping you from everything that you could be doing. I know that I am not perfect and am often in want of taking my own advice, but by doing so I am really starting to see the payoff. Keep your chin up, go after those opportunities and fake it until you make it. At least do your best, that’s all you can ever do. I hope this wasn’t too preachy or too “life coach” sounding I’m just very fired up about it at the moment.

Photography: Caroline McKinney


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