March seems a little premature to be celebrating the return of spring but the tree outside my window began to bloom so I just could not help myself. Spring represents so many different things to different people but the changing of the seasons represents the chance to do something new. For me spring is a reminder that I do not want to fall back into old habits, that I would like to keep moving forward to achieve all of my goals. So here is to a new season and  keeping on track.

Last week was incredibly warm in Nashville. It was in the 70’s and while my wardrobe and lack of tan were not prepared, I put together some looks that felt just right for the weather. I bought this dress last spring and wore it so much over the summer. It was my go too for pretty much everything. It works so well with a denim jacket and booties, keeping this very summery piece grounded.

The best part about warmer weather is the chance to break out of long pants. Don’t get me wrong I love jeans. I prefer them, but sometimes it’s nice to let them see the light of day. That being said, I’m ready to invest in some more skirts and dresses this season. I feel like I have so few that I end up wearing the same thing over and over again. I kept seeing a chunky sweater paired with a skirt all over the blogs. I instantly fell in love with the look and wanted to put my own spin on it. I paired my skirt with a cropped textured knit and that went perfectly with my favorite pair of sneakers. Color moods seem like they are going to be big for spring. I’ve always had an affinity for blue. I’ve never met anyone who looks bad in blue and for me its the color makes me feel my best. A classic blue striped shirt never goes out of style. This look was fun to put together because every element was menswear inspired. While I have been “borrowing from the boys” ever since I can remember it was a bit out of my comfort zone to do so for an entire outfit. The loafers and straight leg jeans really amp up the cool factor of a timeless shirt like this one.

I wanted to put together some easy spring looks from pieces that were already in my closet. Recycling my wardrobe and getting the most of out of every piece is important to me. Also, I hope it inspires you all to dig around in your closets a bit and get creative with the things you already have, remixing them to work season after season. Fashion trends move so quickly it can feel like you’re drowning in fast fashion, but really all it takes is creative eye and some classic clothing that speaks to you. Happy Spring!

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