Beware this is going to be a very photo heavy post. While I was in Detroit I spent some time hanging out at my friend’s apartment. She lives downtown in this gorgeous turn of the century house that is being converted to apartments. When its all fixed up it is going to be stunning. This was supposed to be a normal outfit post but I had so much fun with my friend and sister that I’m going to post pretty much every thing. Also none of these were edited.

Quickly, I wore this wrap sweater over my ABCDEFEMME T-shirt. I usually wear it with nothing underneath but I thought this looked cool and casual paired with black skinny jeans and burgundy loafers. It was the perfect outfit to go with this back porch. Ok on to the rest of these images. I think they capture how little I take myself seriously.

What I Am Wearing

Sweater | T-Shirt | Jeans | Shoes (old similar)

Ah yes, you can see all of the wrinkles in this close up shot but who cares! Wrinkles happen and some times I am not polished.

We had two different different cameras going and I can not express how fun it was just goofing around with my sister. It reminded me of being in high school when we would take our parents camera and have “photo shoots.”  We would dress in ridiculous outfits and take pictures of each other for fun. I think we filled many a SD card with whacky faces and hyper teenage posing. For everyone who has a sister you know how lovingly complicated such a relationship is. You have a built in best friend, a partner in crime, and some one who understands your “crazy” as much as you understand theirs. We may test each other patience a lot of the time but in the end we know we will always pull through for one another.

My sister is force! I have never met some one so full of sass. We probably should have waited until later in the day for the light to fade a little but I think the sun added something a little special to these candids.

When you have long lasting friendships things tend to get a little strange. I think the best and most true friendships are the ones where you understand life is difficult and sometimes you do not have time to catch up. You can go weeks or months with out communication, but then one day one of you calls and you pick back up where you left off like you spoke only yesterday. No one is angry, no one is hurt, because you understand each other and what you need.

Have you ever seen the Netflix Original Series Grace and Frankie? This girl is the Frankie to my Grace, the Lily Tomlin to my Jane Fonda, the crunchy granola to my yogurt. In 40 years we will end up living in a lake house together while our husbands go off and marry each other. Just watch, I’ve put it out in the universe it is going to happen.

What do you think? Do I have a shot at portrait photography?

I love clothes and I love sharing my outfits on this blog but I really want there to be more than just clothes here. I want this blog to a place where I can share my experiences and creativity. There is a high level of experimentation going on in my life right now. In the past I have been reticent to share experimentation that only resulted in ordinary. But ordinary can be spectacular and that is what I want to express here. There is no need to shy away from experimentation. Stepping outside of your (my) comfort zone is difficult but in the end it tends to be more worth while than anything else. If you want to share some of your experiences with leaving your creative comfort zone please feel free to leave a comment or send me an email on my contact page!

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