Because this is my creative outlet and such a personal space at the moment, I’m not obligated to write about anything in particular at any given point. I can write whatever I want. Because of that, I generally just let whatever comes out come out on this page. I love that freedom. With that freedom though comes the challenge of having something worthwhile to talk about. But I think that idea just arrived.

Just like this blog, I have a lot of freedom in everyday life. At 26 years old, I’m single, living in an amazing city and the only one I have to worry about is myself and my cats. There is no one I have to check in with, I can put what I want to do first and I can grow as an individual without anyone’s expectations of who I used to be weighing me down. I’m young, creative, and tied to nothing but my lease agreement.

This is not a post about how terrible it must be to be in a relationship or tied down to someone. If you have found that person you want to put on equal footing as yourself, that is amazing and I applaud you, please invite me to your wedding (I love weddings). I just want to talk about all the positives that come with living single. At least from my perspective. At this point in my life there are so many things I want to challenge myself to do that it just makes sense put my focus and energy elsewhere.

We live in an age where meeting people is easier than ever. Albeit, it may feel even more difficult than ever before. But in the last two months I have connected with so many new people in this city because I have had the time and made it my priority to do so. I’ve been planning trips, and checking things off my life list right and left. That is my priority, to focus on the things that I will regret not doing. We spend so much time thinking that we need to checking things off the socially acceptable life list instead of the one we create for ourselves, that we miss out on the chance to live the life we really want to live. The world will not come to end if you’re not married by 30 or buying a house as soon as possible. This is starting to sound like a rant.

I guess what I’m getting at is that I feel good with where I am at in my life right now. I’m doing what I want to do by focusing my energy on growing in my creativity and confidence. Living in Nashville is so much fun, there are so many places and spaces to explore with friends. Memories are being made in the hustle but also in the slow moments shared over a cocktail and conversation. Being single in this city as incredible as I’m sure it is with a significant other. For now I’m content.Outfit: I’ve been wearing a variation of this outfit since I was in High School. There is something so simple and easy about denim and a white shirt. Classic, one would call it. My mother is probably going text me about how wrinkled this shirt is but you know sometimes you just cannot be bothered to iron. Not that I even own an iron….or know how to use one. I own a steamer though! But it would not be a Polished Or Not outfit without a few wrinkles. It’s the Or Not aspect.  You do not always have to have it all together to create something special. I’ve talked about these jeans to death probably. They are the vintage ones that I got from Buffalo Exchange last month. The shoes were a hand-me-down from a family friend. Every once in a while I get a big bag of shoes she no longer wants or has need for, and its like Christmas! Fairy Shoe Mother!I have a short funny story about shooting this outfit. This was my first time shooting with a new photographer (who I have since gotten to know must better and pretty much love) but we were trying to get a detail shot of this the tag on the jeans, because its amazing, and she was just like “This is the first time I’ve ever shot an ass!” I don’t know why we both thought it was so funny but we burst out laughing. But isn’t this tag amazing? Its leather but the Gasoline logo is in metal. I have never seen one like it and I’m just floored by the detail on it. I’ve also been experimenting with a different editing style. With the warmer weather I’m really inspired by brighter colors, and while that might not show in my wardrobe, I do want it reflect in the photography. I’m loving this edit right now because I think it kinda looks like a 70’s mood. If that even makes sense, but I dig it!

I like to think about this time in my life as an opportunity. An opportunity to pursue what I want, live how I want, and build a life that I can look back on in 50 years or so and have little regret. Life can be grand when you’re making the most of it. My singular priority is myself, and that is fine!

Photography: Caroline McKinney

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