How do you hold still? How do you stay in one place? She felt the constant need for movement, for something new, the next exciting thing. Immobility caused her to grow restless and weary. While she was treading water she yearned to swim laps. 

As someone with a wild imagination I often feel the need for adventure. Adventure doesn’t have to be planned in advanced or be somewhere far from home. Adventure can be in the random places right next door. In the places that you’re not supposed to be. There is a thrill to it all that is so creatively stimulating it feels like some you’ll always crave. I walk a blurred line between rule follower and rebel. Rebel isn’t the correct term but my vocabulary can’t seem to reach the type of person I think I am. Either way I don’t like being told what I can and cannot do and often find myself doing things in order to prove someone else wrong.

What I love about these photos is the sense of adventure about them. We shot them at an old factory that is currently under construction. While there was no caution tape or signs warning against trespassers we knew we probably were not supposed to be there. But it was golden hour and it is better to ask forgiveness than permission. Honestly they give me the best vibes of Alice in Wonderland, if Alice’s Wonderland had been through some seismic disaster.

Another wonderful thing about them is how freaking proud I am of what we came up with. I’ve been focused on my own photography for the past couple months that I felt like the styled content for my blog had suffered a bit. Not through anyone’s fault but my own. Collaborating with my favorite photographer really boosted our creative highs. Seriously we did some weird stuff to get these shots. And that is what I love about being on both ends of the camera. 

Ok so Urban Outfitters did a collaboration with Laura Ashley and I fell in love with just about the entire collection. I really lean into my Moody Preppy 80’s aesthetic. (Someone else came up with that not me, but it’s true). I ended up buying this dress and these pants. I’ve already worn the dress so many times since it came in the mail its like I don’t own any other clothing (which is not true, I have too many clothes). Its so absolutely comfortable though. The fabric is a linen cotton blend so it is perfect for Nashville in August. It’s also one of those dresses that looks weird without a bra but the lace up sides really help keep my boobs in place. While I’ve been getting more and more comfortable going braless it’s still nice to have some support.

I’m not ready to get on board the Dad sneakers trend just about yet. I know everyone is styling them with sun dresses for summer but you know I’m just not there yet. I love my Tretorn sneakers so much though and I think they make this look really cool. They absolutely take this very feminine dress and make the look a bit more urban. I got them really muddy though during this shoot so I’m a little sad and will have to clean them up.

Photography: MD Black

Dress | Shoes

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