On Sunday I needed an escape. Overcome with the need to get out of Dodge (Nashville) I threw a bunch of protein bars in my backpack and drove two and half hours east to Fall Creek Falls State Park with a friend. It was a much needed road trip and a cathartic hike. Fall Creek Falls is absolutely stunning and has everything you could ever want in hiking trails. If you don’t go for the waterfalls go for the bluff views. We climbed rocks, hopped over streams and dangled our boots over what felt like the edge of the world.

We left Nashville at 9am, chatting and singing along to Spotify playlists. Fall Creek Falls is under some major construction but they recently opened a new trail down to the falls. After crossing the rope bridge we made the hike up the bluff and stopped off at the different gorge overlooks.

Millie and I climbed up some rocks to get the best views of the gorge. It involved some light free climbing, not for the faint of heart but not too difficult either.

Did I mention how beautiful these trails are? Summer might be the most popular time to go hiking but nothing beats the autumns hues. Also, being of northern temperament, this weather is more my speed.

There is a place along the trail where the river runs completely red. I don’t recommend touching the rock unless you want to stain your hands. Yes…this is from experience.

I apologize for the amount photos in this post but believe me this is the select few that made the cut.

About 3 hours into our hike we finally made it down to the lowest fall. Millie and I sat down there and watched families with their children climb rocks and explore the falls. We chatted with a few other hikers and just watched the water succumb to gravity. The climb down was not so hard as the climb back up. If you have never done this trail you should know that its like climbing a mile long staircase made of uneven slippery rocks. I was so sore the next day.

Taking a day trip to Fall Creek Falls was exactly what I needed this weekend. Fresh air, exercise and the atmosphere is enough to get anyone out of the toughest funk. My advice for those who need a change of scene quickly and cheaply is to road trip anywhere you can be outdoors  and surrounded by natural beauty. Find your happy place and return to it for a refresh and a restart.

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