I created this blog as a space to share my creative journey whether or not I thought I was ready to. I know it has been awhile since my last blog post and that this is not my usual content but it is something that I need to share. I’ve spent a long time watching other people and secretly wishing I could be like them, that I could do what they were doing. While I’m trying to live with as little regret as possible I do regret feeling like it just was not in the cards for me.

Photography has always enthralled me. Actually, any beautiful thing has, but that is beside the point. First I was content being in front of the camera. Styling myself and letting others take my picture was a blast because I was able to see myself in completely new way. But I’m ready for the next challenge, the next adventure. I hope to continue to stay in front of the camera, but now I’m ready to get behind it as well.

Living in Nashville and being in a community of amazing creators absolutely has it’s advantages. With so many of my friends being willing and patient models I’ve been able to experiment and create some images that I am so proud of. When I first announced this project I was stunned at the support and encouragement that came from my community. The outpouring of support was overwhelming and I could not be more grateful.┬áSo here it is, my new adventure Polished Or Shot.

Models: Adeline Fulmer, Lara Howell, Meaghan Campbell

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