As a creator and especially as a woman it can be hard to own the magnitude of your talent and worth. I’ve found myself struggling to accept praise and truths about my work as a photographer and content creator. Everything seems to be happening so fast that it does not feel like I should be where I currently am. I find myself thinking that because I have not put in years and years of practice that my skills are not worth as much as someone else’s. A few conversations with friends later, I do realize that I need to own my highest self. Without arrogance or detriment to others, I want to be as confident in my work and my worth as I can be.

The other day I was downtown on a shoot at a coffee shop when I struck up a conversation with a fellow photographer. I noticed his camera on the table in front of him and made some joke about the awkwardness of shooting in public spaces. He asked me if I was a professional photographer here in Nashville. I answered yes almost without hesitation. Professional Photographer, that’s not something I think I ever said before. Maybe the imposter syndrome got the better of me before but this time I wanted to own it. It felt good to say it, because isn’t that the dream? To be valued for your work both through admiration and monetary exchange?

I admire people who just say what they are without hesitation. When I first started the blog I had the hardest time referring to myself as blogger. How could I consider myself to be a Blogger when I had almost no following? I was not being paid and almost no one was paying attention. But those things don’t matter. If you believe you are an artist than you are an artist. If you want to be a professional photographer than you are a professional photographer. If you decide that are the Queen of the moon people, you may run into a few snags along the way, but at least you are something. It feels good to own my worth.My wonderful friend Meaghan Campbell took these pictures while we were both out on a photography excursion. Golden hour was in full force. I’ve been so inspired by the oversized menswear trend lately. It’s not the most flattering style in the world but I’m kind of over the whole notion of clothing having to be flattering. I felt so cool in my vintage 70’s pants and my giant mens blazer. In keeping with the whole theme of owning it, it absolutely applies to personal style. Trends come and go but style is personal. You get to keep that, unlike the low rider jeans and Juicy track suit you begged for 10 years ago. Although I heard those are making a come back so, who knows! My siblings gave me a lot of flack for this blazer, but I love it and I don’t plan on giving it up too easily. It was $4 at Goodwill, I mean come on! Anyway, even if your personal style is weird or different from what is on trend, own it! It’s you and there’s no better feeling than feeling amazing in clothes. Ok maybe Tollhouse chocolate chip cookies right out of the oven might be better but I stand by that statement! 

Photography: Meaghan Campbell

Jacket (Thrifted) | Pants (Thrifted) | Necklace | Shoes | Turtleneck

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