This is one of those posts that comes from the “Or Not” side of Polished Or Not. Part of the concept of this blog is simply to create and find joy in the process not just the product. I am one of those people who does not want to show an imperfect product to anyone. It is completely outside of my comfort zone. If it can not be done well I am afraid to do it at all. But here we are taking the bull by the horns and getting things done.


These photos are no where near perfect. They were taken with my phone, on a self timer in quickly fading light. I do not even own a tripod. Instead I Macgyvered two stacks of books on a cart and wedged my phone upright between them. I would press the self timer and get quickly back into place. Repeating the process until I had the images that I wanted. Is this the perfect content that I hope to see one day? Not at all, but I’m proud of myself because I did it with zero excuses. I found a place where I could experiment while still reaching outside of my comfort zone.


This jacket makes me so happy! I love motorcycle jackets that are not traditional. The fact that it is pink gives it a different character than the traditional black leather ones. While I do love a black leather jacket, having something softer really fits into my personality. The color feminizes a masculine silhouette. If I could wear Jeans and a button down blouse everyday I would. I always feel put together in this combination. Comfort is a key to my personal style, If I do not feel comfortable in an ensemble I will not leave the house in it. This silky blouse and high-waist jean combo were perfect to wear with my comfy loafers.

       Jacket | Shirt | Jeans| Loafers | Belt


  • Ali says:

    I hear you on doing things perfectly or not doing them at all. It keeps me from doing creative things all the time. I had a friend who was so easygoing about posting whatever she made, perfect or not, and I always reveled at her ability to just put herself out there. This is all to say, your “not perfect” is gorgeous. I love the outfit, and you look amazing in it. Here’s to pushing aside perfect for a little while!

    • cvoisine says:

      Ali! Thank you so much! I hope this helped you put yourself out there. Its so scary but its turning out to be more positive than negative. Keep on doing you 🙂


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