Ok ok ok… so this isn’t an ocean. I live in Tennessee there are no oceans here. If you are familiar with geography you know it is indeed a landlocked state. there aren’t even Great Lakes to give you that coastal feel. But there is on rather large body of water near Nashville that was willing to at least pretend it could be an ocean. Anyway, we do the best with what we are given. I had water, an incredible model, and some tricks up my sleeve for this one.

This photoshoot was particularly special to me because it was a fine art portrait session with my friend MD Black. I met MD over a year ago when we connected over that bittersweet platform, Instagram. We worked together a handful of times, she as the photographer and I the wannabe model. When I switched my focus to photography she was one of my loudest and most helpful cheerleaders. I’ve looked to her quite a few times the last year for advice and encouragement.

MD is an amazing person, her knowledge of self and who she is, is deep. When she asked me to photograph her I felt a bit honored. I was surprised when she asked me to come up with a concept but was fully onboard for what I had in mind. That’s another great thing about her, she’s game for things outside of her comfort zone.

It was not until I was finished editing these photos that I realized I had been paid to create art. I love styled shoots, with their teams and productions and the collaboration that goes along with it. But there is something really special about taking your client or model out just the two of you and vibe-ing off each other. And when both you and your subject are totally at ease, it becomes a form of play that allows you to tap into something totally different. That’s what I want from clients, a trust and an allowance to play and create art with them. Everyone deserves art and it worthy to be art, we just have to allow it flow out.

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