No longer would she apologize for things beyond her control. No longer would she reassure another that they were not wrong when indeed they were. Instead of prefacing her choices with words of excuse, confidently would she play her favorite playlist. No matter how much she may think someone else may despise her musical tastes. These are the facets that make her, her own. No longer would she apologize.This is something that has been weighing on my mind for a while. Apologies. I feel like most women can relate to this, but it feels like we are the ones who are always pressured to make amends or apologize first. Even if we have done nothing wrong, there’s always this nagging feeling to apologize just to apologize. I catch myself, again and again, prefacing explanations or facts with an apology. We fear rejection so readily that it becomes this buffer against getting hurt because we’ve already undersold whatever it is we’re selling. For example, you make a meal for some one you care about and maybe you’re not the most confident of chefs. When you present it to them instead of self assuredly presenting them with the plate, you apologize for the possibility that the meal may be subpar. Why do we do this? You spend time, energy, and probably your cash to create something and before it can even be judged we apologize for everything that is beyond our control. Or how about when someone hurts your feelings and so maybe you’re not kind back to them? Why do we feel the need to apologize to them when we are just reacting their own actions? I’m done with this behavior. I want to fake it until I make it in a way. Even when I’m not as confident as I could I be, I do not want to fall back on an apology to make me feel more at ease or excuse any novice actions. No longer will I apologize to those who do not deserve one either. Instead, I will tell them what is wrong and let them worry about the apologies. It’s not an easy habit to break. The knee jerk reaction of apologizing for nothing is very strong but I think being mindful of it will help change my behavior. They say it only takes two weeks to fully form a habit right? We dubbed this shoot Moody Equestrian Ralph Lauren Campaign 2018. What do you think, do think Ralph would hire me? Please don’t actually answer that. I love wearing khaki with white and the high-waisted silhouette of these trousers paired with a crisp vintage blouse give this look a total Hunt Club vibe. Growing up I spent most Saturdays at the barn. My mother would drive us an hour away to take horse-back riding lessons. I was a horse girl for the longest time and even spent a couple summer as an instructor before I left for college. I have not been riding in years and it is an activity that I really do miss. I think to combat that feeling I just decided to dress like I just hoped off a horse. This look is classic and extremely easy to recreate. High-waisted trousers are currently on trend and white button downs never go out of style. Top it all off with a pair of sturdy boots and voila, you’re National Velvet ready.

Pants (similar)| Shirt (similar) | Boots (similar)

Photography: Caroline McKinney

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