The things I treasure most in my life are connections with other people. I’ve tried to maintain the friendships I’ve made throughout my life. Sometimes some relationships get more of my attention than others and it can be difficult to keep up with everyone I value most. When I moved to Nashville there was not a single person I knew in this city before hand. All of my friends moved to different states or stayed back in Michigan. It took me two years to build up a network of people that I valued and enjoyed being around.  In my last blog post I talked about my time living in this grand ole city, part of that was meeting people and creating connections. Two years into living in Nashville, I am once again rebuilding my social network.Nashville is a transient town with a lot of young twenty somethings. While that makes living here fun and exciting it feels like no one here is settled. There is always something on the horizon. A new job, a new relationship, another town, its all just waiting for us to figure out our lives so we can be there instead. Living in a virtual way station, it can be difficult to hold on to friendships for the long haul. So many of the people I have met here have found what they needed in this town and left for bigger things. So where does it leave the rest us not yet ready to give up on this wild city?I decided recently that I want to focus my relationship building energy on people who add value to my life, to fostering friendships where connecting is the main goal. Friends who truly understand what you want to do and support you through the best and worst times. I am absolutely an extrovert who has learned to live as an introvert when necessary. In the past I feared being alone but now I know its just a part of growing up. However, I feel my best when I’m busy or at least spending time with other people. For that reason, I am saying yes to as many opportunities and experiences as possible and reaching out to others even when I am afraid of rejection. Making the first move with someone you do not know very well is a terrifying feeling but in the end there is nothing to lose.We shot these in the same location as my last blog post, my first apartment in Nashville. I donated this dresser to Habitat for Humanity and was waiting for them to come pick it up. It was one of the last things to leave the apartment, apart from myself.

In regards to the outfit: I love these pants so much. They are my favorite non-denim trousers. The blue damask print is kind of subtle but it really gives them a little extra shine and pizzaz. The sweater I have had for ages. It was one of the first vintage pieces I ever purchased. I remember picking it up in high school at the only vintage store I knew of at the time. It was in the men’s section and is actually a men’s sweater. But hey I loved it and who doesn’t love to borrow from the boys? This outfit was not what I had originally planned to wear but I could not for the life of me find the sweater I had imagined for this look. Instead I threw on something that I had not worn in long time. I so happy I rediscovered this piece in my wardrobe. Ive been wearing it nonstop ever since.I am so grateful to all of the friendships I have had over the years. It’s lovely to say that I have friends all over the country and even the world. Meeting new people and having them be apart of your story even for a short time is certainly a joy. At times it can feel like you are very alone this world, but thinking on the people you can connect with and the possibilities to make new connections is exciting and inspiring.


Photography: Robbie Hall

Sweater (vintage) | Pants (old similar) | Boots (similar)

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