I know I say it all the time but I truly mean it, this is my favorite shoot to date! I don’t know exactly what was going on but I felt like creatively I was stagnant. My work I focused on taking a solid photograph and technically it was fulfilling. However, there is something so fun about getting weird. Trying the most random things to achieve what you imagined in your head.

When Aubrey and I were putting together this shoot I suggested some inspiration images that had recently spoken to me on a creative level. We brought in a stylist who I felt could bring the exact mood I feeling. Lillie delivered and then some! While I know that I can put together an outfit, she reached into some magic part of the universe and brought us something I never would have even thought of. It elevated this shoot to an entirely new level. From there I spent sometime running around the craft store just trying to find anything that might add an interesting element.

Laden with my props we set out to shoot a hazy midsummer vintage dream. Hannah, our model, was amazing. She was fully on board for the vibe and delivered a stunning performance despite the 90 degree heat the and 80 percent humidity. It was so humid that my camera lenses fogged up for the first few minutes of our shoot. I know this would concern a lot of photographers but I just went with it to see what kind of image it would produce. If you have never shot with a foggy lens….do it!

All the elements came together to produce these images. It took 4 creative and weird women. Makeup artist and stylist, model and photographer. Each human involved in this project added a piece of their soul and I think that it is evident in the final product.

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