Daylight Savings really messed with my sense of time. These photos were supposed to be taken before sunset, but when it sets at 4:45pm these days you tend to lose track of time. There are a lot of things I could talk about in this post but I wanted to discuss the concept of loss. Its easy to feel the negativity of loss, to get bogged down in unfulfilled expectations. But I think loss is really a chance for growth and refocusing priorities. We may have lost the daylight in these photos but found other ways to capture the moment. The expectations I had for this outfit and this post were completely different from what outcome became reality, but that’s life presenting new opportunities.

It was so cold! I finally got to break into my sweater collection. If I’ve never mentioned it before I’m sure this won’t be the last time, but I grew up in Michigan. Over the years I have acquired an extensive collection of sweaters. However, living in Tennessee does not give me a long frame of time in which to wear them. Last winter I managed to wear most them at least once before spring came early (well early for me at least).

This jacket is new but my blouse and sweater I have had for years now. I am a proponent of buying pieces that will not only last me years but also hold out through changing trends. The bag is probably the oldest piece in this outfit. It was my mother’s in the 80’s (cue Mean Girls reference). She bought it when she got her first job in a law firm. I’ve been wearing it since college and its held up through some rather tough times.

I’m still working on getting comfortable acting “natural” for a camera. I can group pose and grin like its no one’s business. I blame undergrad for that skill. However, for the few times I’ve done this I absolutely love these photos. Confidence seems to be the key, even if you aren’t, FAKE IT.  My expectations were completely blown away. So while I may have lost light here, from it came something spectacular. For now I’m using that as a life affirmation. Call it cliche but it helps.

Photography: Robbie Hall

Jacket | Sweater (old similar) | Blouse (old similar) | Jeans | Boots (old similar) | Bag (Vintage Coach)


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