There is this image in my head of the person I want to be. Maybe its a character or maybe its a part of a life I could be leading. Who knows? Often, I will find myself daydreaming of this person, living her life in my head. In my head there is girl who lives in an airy Paris apartment that she furnishes with eclectic but elegant antiques. Her walls are filled with memories taken shape in an art collection she selects piece by piece as she travels the world. A beautiful watercolor from Venice, a playful pop print from London and post cards of all shapes from everywhere else. This girl eats a balanced diet of chocolate, red wine and fresh roasted vegetables bought from the market down the road. Her wardrobe is stocked with one of a kind vintage jackets, perfectly fitted jeans and beautifully crafted boots. true works of art hanging haphazardly in an overstuffed closet. She holds exciting dinner parties for friends, where someone else cooks and the dishes magically do themselves. She speaks 5 languages, has a sharp wit and a knack for transforming small talk. She dabbles in things that she finds amusing, mastering them just enough to impress others.

I think outfit is one that helped me to truly embody her. While this is something I selected to wear for myself I could truly feel the spirit of this daydream within the clothes. The beret and trench coat  I think really sell the french vibe while the heeled booties with straight leg jeans made me feel effortlessly cool. On top of that a black turtleneck brought the whole thing together is the idea classically chic. I could absolutely imagine myself strolling through Paris streets in this ensemble feeling amazing. The beret is 100% wool and I bought it at this boutique in Downtown Nashville called Fire Finch. This shop is so cute! It is home to two special needs cats, who roam around the store as they please. If you do not go in to buy anything (which you should everything there is great!) at least go in to pet the cats.

I am so pleased with how these pictures came out! The red tree was absolutely beautiful. We shot this over in the Five Points area of East Nashville. My original idea was to go with a more urban setting for this look but after seeing this tree and how it juxtaposed the beige trench coat and beret I would not have changed it for the world! I have a bad habit of squinting too much outside, I have sensitive eyes and I wear sunglasses in just about every type of weather normally.

The best thing about clothes is that they can let you become whatever you want. They reflect to the world who you want to be seen as. Not only that, but they also let you get into the character of who ever you want to be. And while sometimes it might feel like a costume or armor, I think over time they help you to embody who you are on the inside. To anyone who thinks they could never be certain type of person, there is nothing holding you back from reinvention and the best place to start is dressing as that character you want to embody.

Photography: Robbie Hall

What I am Wearing

Beret | Trench | Top | Jeans (old similar) | Boots | Purse (vintage Coach)

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