Behold, the magic of spring time! Maybe its the golden light, the blooming cherry trees or that warmer days are coming, but spring really holds this element of magic and possibilities. I think that everyone needs that sort of thing in their lives, the idea that there are more magical things out there. When days get mundane and uninspiring it’s beautiful to believe that there are fantastical possibilities right under our noses. When I was young I loved to escape into my imagination. I kept myself entertained creating worlds and living out daydreams. As an adult, I still find myself doing the same thing. Finding magic in books and in thoughts, all while inventing other realities in my mind. Believing in magic takes a certain level of optimism. You have to look for it in tiny moments and unintentional movements. Wind rustling the leaves, the way light bounces off water, the arrangement of words on a page. It might be different for every person. One might find magic where someone else can see none, but that is another beautiful part of it all. It’s different for all and yet it is still inspiring. Seeking magic seems to be imperative for my creativity. If I don’t have a bit of it in my life then my imagination seems to suffer.Spring is a difficult season for me to dress. I always seem to underestimate the weather. It’s also such a short season that I tend to only buy clothes that I know will carry me into summer. Summer in Tennessee seems to last half the year anyway. To be perfectly honest this look was more of a costume than an everyday style for me. It came together from my imagination and  this romantic spring time creature; Persephone, maybe. It also came to life in sort of Austen like feeling. That in a long white dress and more rugged boots I could instantly become Elizabeth Bennett, traversing the country side of Regency England. That is magic of dressing. Clothing can induce a feeling that is so powerful it changes how we act on the outside. With the right costume and imagination 2018 Nashville can instantly feel like Provence or Narnia. I love wrap dresses and I could not be more happy that this trend is persisting into another year, They are so easy and flattering and the right ones can make you feel amazing. This white one with the tiny floral print really spoke to me. The pattern reminds me 19th century calicos in breezy muslins and cotton. I paired this very feminine dress with classic brown leather boots because I loved how it turned such a flimsy dress into something more practical. It gave me country farmer’s daughter vibes or at least the idyllic romantic version that does not actually exist. Little House on The Prairie might have also been another source of inspiration.
Everyone deserves to have a little bit of magic in their lives. Look for it where you might not expect to see it. Take a moment just to look around and observe it in your everyday life. Tap into your imagination and find it there as well.  The idea of magic is one that keeps me inspired and moving forward. I’m not trying to be profound or write something pretentious, I just want to share how I see the world. And to me the world filled with magic and possibilities. 

Photography: Robbie Hall

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