It’s the end of the year and it feels like there is so much going on. At work I finished up a major project and got the go ahead on my next endeavor while taking on some new responsibilities. I cut my hair. My birthday and Christmas are next week, and it feels like time just will not slow down. On top of all that I spent the last two weeks seeking out a new apartment and roommates here in Nashville. Finding affordable housing in this town is not an easy feat. The best places go almost as quickly as they are posted. I finally managed to find a great place on Elliston. I currently live in the West End neighborhood so it is not that far away in comparison. This move is coming at a really great time. It will allow me to save so much more money than I have been and allow me to pursue my newest goals with some extra cash in my pocket.

I recently sat down and created a Life List. The title is pretty explanatory, just a list of things that I want to do with my life. Some of them were as simple as trying a new coffee shop on the other side of town and others are more lofty, like writing a book. I wrote down anything that came to my head that I thought I might enjoy. Nothing was off limits, if I liked the idea of it, if it was even a passing fancy then it went on the list. I have spent way too long making excuses for not doing things that interest me. Maybe it was something I had never tried before or even considered trying, or maybe it just did not seem like something “someone like me” could accomplish. All of these excuses are bullshit. I’m ready to overcome my excuses and do the things that will bring me joy.

I know for some people cutting their hair is not a big deal. For the most part, I don’t think its a big deal either. My hair has been all different lengths. But what I do with my hair is generally representative of things going on in my life. When I graduated undergrad I cut my long hair short, when I finished grad school I went for bangs, after my first major breakup I grew it out as much as I could. Here we are again cutting it short. I want to refocus my priorities, and really dig into what I want to do with my life. While I would not call this a quarter life crisis, I do feel like the end of my 20s is looming ( shut up Caroline you’re only turning 26). This cut harkens back to living without excuses, I saw a hairstyle I loved but was not sure if I could pull it off, so I did it anyway.  Or maybe it was in spite of that thought, anyway I did it.

Outfit! To be honest, I threw this outfit together at the last minute. I had a different plan but I changed up the elements less than a hour before I had to leave to shoot it. I was also in a very weird mood that day. I apologize to everyone who had to deal with me. I know there are not a lot of images of the entire outfit but if you scroll back up (don’t worry I’ll wait right here) The shoes I had on are a gorgeous black velvet mary-jane with a gold heel. I complimented these shoes with a black velvet cami and casual tuxedo jacket. I love the black velvet with light colored denim. These jeans are one of my favorites. The Levi 501 Skinnies are so worth the price! The denim is thick but does not stretch, and I really love a good button fly. I think that is why I prefer denim to leggings. Denim is so sturdy and structured, it supports you in a way that spandex never could. Every girl just wants to feel supported right?

I also am thrilled that you can see the detail on my jewelry so well here. Jewelry is one of those things that I admire but never buy. Most of the pieces I have were gifts, and I tend to wear the same two rings, necklace and watch every day. Why mess with a good thing? The aquamarine tri-stone was given to me by my parents after a trip they took to Paris. The silver monogram ring was also a gift from them for my 20th birthday, as was my necklace upon my graduation from college. The watch I gifted myself when I was 20, its from Fossil and I have never seen another one like it.

Photography: Robbie Hall

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