I’ve been working with more and more artists lately and I kinda love it! finding a concept that fits their vibes has been a welcome challenge. I met Emily at a show a couple weeks ago and was blown away by her songwriting and vocals. Her classic R&B vocal sounds immediately gave me vintage film dreams. We ended up shooting promotional photos at a vintage car dealership outside of Nashville and it was pretty perfect. Minus the 90 degree heat and the threat of storms that day we had a blast shooting in the harsh light. I used to be so afraid to shoot in this kind of light. If you ask most photographers they will tell you, golden hour or bust. But the world doesn’t really work that way. We humans are busier that ever and we have to fit things in where we can. So harsh light it was and man I love what it did with these photos, I was able to play so much in Lightroom to achieve the final vibe and its one of my favorites to date. Keep scrolling to check out more.

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