I had this vision. A vision of a girl on a stormy dark beach. She grew up on this beach, she knew its secrets and hidden places. She knew when the tides came in and when it went away again. She was comfortable there. She belonged, so much so that she dressed in tones that suited the drift wood and the rocks. She was feminine but practical. She understood the romance there and used it to her advantage. Maybe she was a fisherman’s daughter, maybe she herself was the fisherman. Either way she knew this beach and she knew the shores of this sea, she would never be lost there unless on purpose.

Find yourself friends who understand your vision before you even have to explain it. Maybe its their vision too. If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know I went to Seattle last week for the first time. On this trip we headed out Olympic State Park to create as much content as we possibly could. Part of this content was an editorial shoot I had bouncing around my head for months. Editorial is my favorite type of photography to work in. I love the details and the planning that goes into making art become reality. Bringing a story to life through clothing, setting and mood is just spectacular. Images have always inspired my writing and these were no exception. The stories I want to tell based these photos alone could fill a novel. And I hope that stays my reality. That I can continue to tell stories through both images and words.

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