This is the first post of several shoots I did while back in Detroit for Thanksgiving. I can not say how grateful I am for my sister who went along with me all over the city in order to create content for this blog. She is the real hero here folks. I would like to preface this post with the fact that even though there is a Christmas Tree in these photos, this post is not about Christmas. Its just the season.

Let’s talk about hometowns. So I grew up in a suburb of Detroit. You know that movie 8 Mile? I grew up on 10 Mile. It really isn’t anything like what you’re thinking. Those two miles make a stark difference. While I was growing up we never went downtown. Unless it was to see a show or a baseball game. A lot has changed in the past decade though, Detroit has become this booming center of activity. I won’t get into the pros and cons of gentrification but for the most part the city is on the up and up. The Detroit I knew as a child is quickly fading into a distant memory.

And I think that could be a metaphor for people in general. While we are influenced by our pasts and it certainly shapes us, it does not define us for the future. Sure we may need some work, some love and care, but with that work and care we can blossom into something truly incredible.

For being 25 (dear lord nearly 26) years old I feel like I’ve met so many different kinds of people. I’ve lived in three different states and have friends around the country. Not to be short cited but there are some people who will only define themselves by where they come from and others who will define themselves despite of where they came from. I deeply admire those in the latter category. Those are the types of people I want in my life.  People who had the guts to get out of their comfort zone and go after what they really want.

We shot these photos at Campus Martius. It is a park right before the river front. For the holidays they setup the city’s Christmas tree and a giant menorah. There is an ice skating rink and pop up restaurants and shops. It is incredibly festive. I wore this ruffle sleeved sweater paired with my favorite jeans and a double breasted blazer. I have always loved jeans and blazers. It makes me so freaking happy that they are on trend right now!

I bought these boots from a vintage vendor off Etsy a few months ago. I had big plans for these boots when I ordered them. Those plans have changed but I’m still in love with them. They are Eddie Bauer and in great condition. I’ll try to link something similar down below. It was really sunny the day we shot this outfit, so my signature sunglasses were a must. They are Warby Parker Bonnies but I don’t think they are in stock any longer. Finally I borrowed this purse from my mom. She has great taste in handbags.

I was so much more comfortable in this shoot. It might be pretty visible in the photographs. I was working with my sister, who despite our sibling squabbles was really fun to work with. She wouldn’t define herself as a portrait photographer but I think she has a knack for it just the same. While I generally work with people I trust, having someone who immediately put me at ease in front of the camera was great! I felt more comfortable experimenting and trying different and silly shots. You should see the photos that did not make the post, you will die laughing.

Photography: Robin Voisine

Blazer | Sweater (similar) | Jeans (similar) | Boots (vintage similar) |Purse (green not in stock)

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