Sometimes the simplest of outfit choices turn out to be the best. I picked this dress up over the summer. When I tried it on I felt like a million bucks. And I might have paid a higher price for it, but it was only $24 so I bought it in another color. Those are the best kind of finds. An outfit does not have to be expensive to make you happy. So long as you feel great wearing it who the hell cares where you got it or how much it cost?

I had not intended for this to be an outfit worthy of a blog post, but we shot it spontaneously in a random parking lot. I had planned on it being a bit more involved but honestly I love how these turned out. It stays pretty hot in Nashville through early fall so wearing a sundress and sandals past labor day is a necessity. While I wish that it got colder earlier, it’s great for outdoor activities!


Photography: Robbie Hall

Dress| Sandals| Sunglasses

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