Expectations hardly ever match the coming reality. Often reality is underwhelming or disappointing.  Sometimes it surprises you and is so much better than you anticipated. While these surprises are what we all strive for, it can be so hard dealing with situations that are less than desirable. I think the hardest thing for me is dealing with the expectations I set for myself. Generally I can pick things up really quickly if I put a little effort into it. However, I am so focused on the finished product being amazing that I forget new skills take time to hone. In my mind the first time I try something, I should just automatically be good at it. I often forget that the process of developing new skills can be just as fun as the final product. Trial and error are going to bring out the less than desirable products more often than a product you expected to see.

I’m working towards having fewer expectations for myself creatively. Everything is a process and if I am having fun doing something then the finished product is strictly a bonus. This doesn’t mean that I do not want to work towards improving my content and writing, in fact, it means the opposite. Getting my content to a place where I feel satisfied is going to take time. It’s going to take a lot of trust in myself and those helping me. I am truly ready to start trusting in the process and to be more patient over all.

I get so much of my inspiration for outfits from Pinterest. I look at the site almost every morning before I get out of bed. Half of the time this is why I am late for work. The images there are my ideal for the blog, although I am not a model so it might take a while to get there. The best part about searching for new inspiration everyday is that it allows me to rethink how to wear different pieces. A few years ago I would never have worn white jeans this late into winter. But I love the way I have seen them paired and styled for winter. Jeanne Damas I am looking at you. She has been one of my biggest style icons this year. I’m looking forward to the day that I can afford something from her line, Rouje.

If you follow me on Instagram you will have already seen this coat. I bought it while I was in Detroit for Thanksgiving. The vintage boutique where I picked it up was so affordable and had some incredible pieces. I think coat is either 70s or 80s and it was under $50. My favorite part about vintage is the impact it has on the enviorment and if you can find an affordable shop to buy from, the impact it can have on your wallet. I was fully prepared to spend at least $150 on a new plaid coat this winter but low and behold I saved more than $100 on this vintage one!

I bought these boots the day before we shot these photos. I love them! They are everything I wanted in a low (ish) heeled boot. I wore them out the night before and ripped up my feet walking for about 3o min, but they have been very comfortable ever since. The brand is a little obscure to me. I got them on sale at Nordstrom Rack. I walked in just to try on shoes for fun. Never do that if you do not plan on walking away with something. I fell in love with these and could not leave them behind.

I know this last picture is goofy but I love it and it is pretty indicative of my character. I rarely take myself too seriously. Also I fell in love with this Volvo. It’s not mine but I thought it helped sell the vintage coat. Let me know if you think it just makes me look like a car salesman.

Photography: Robbie Hall

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