What do you get when you wait until its too late in the day to take outfit pictures? The moodiest photos ever. Not going to lie though I really dig them. While I find a lot of my personal style inspiration from street photography, I am enthralled with more moody photographers. While street photography is great at capturing fashion there is something about stylized portraiture that really intrigues me. Instagram is an incredible place to find new photographers and photography to keep the creative juices flowing. I used to only rely on Pinterest for my inspiration needs but I find now that we can save images I am turning to instagram more and more.

These jeans! I have the hardest time vintage denim but the second I put these babies on they fit like a dream. I think the only thing wrong with them is they are not Levi’s. But that is of little consequence. I was so inspired by these jeans that all I wanted to do was create outfits around them. That’s what happens when I get something new, I wear it as much as I can while styling it over and over in my head. I think this how you know if a piece should be added to your wardrobe long term or not.

Because of this sudden burst of inspiration, I decided to base this week’s post around them. I styled the jeans up three ways, taking these very casual jeans into a more formal realm. Denim can mellow out a turned up outfit but it can also be elevated with a few simple tricks. Here is how I dress up my denim.

Darker denim is super easy to dress up. A deeper hue of blue automatically says smart and put together but I think lighter denim also has its place in a fun night out. Adding a lux fabric like velvet or leather definitely kicks up the denim. For this outfit I styled it with a black lace camisole and platform sandals. I think the platforms keep in line with the vintage vibes of jeans but the pink leather jacket modernizes the look.

This is one of my favorite outfits! I love a good wrap blouse, a wrap sweater, a wrap dress… you get the point. I think there is something so simple and beautiful about them and they just elevate any look beyond just a regular old blouse. French fashion is another  big inspiration point for me. Jeanne Damas being at the forefront of the that. This look is very much inspired by her. I’ve worn these pumps on the blog before and I just now realized I have had them for almost a decade. Seriously I can not stress enough how much of a great investment a beautiful shoe like this can be. Buy pieces that you love and you want to wear for years if not decades to come and they will carry on with you through almost anything.

This last outfit I wanted to go for something smart, that you could wear to work or in a more professional situation. A silk blouse and a well tailored blazer can do a lot for an outfit. Structured or well tailored tops work really well to take casual denim to the next level. Every person should own a beautiful black blazer, invest in one and wear it until dies. This particular one I’m wearing I bought my freshman year of college and it is still in amazing condition. Classic pieces are worth the investment. What I think is great about about these looks is that you can shop your closet to recreate them easily.  Also after staring at these photos for a couple hours (yes that is how long it takes me to take them, edit, and write a blog post) I am super pleased with the lighting. It just seems kind of different from other fashion blogs I covet so much and takes it into a different realm. Well at least for me. I like what I’m creating but there is always room for improvement. Some photographers that I am loving right now are Jamie Beck, Alaina Mullin, Helena Moore, and Elle-May.

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