There was a time in my life when I did not know if I could make the adventures in my head a reality. I had dreams of traveling and creative endeavors that stayed just dreams for so long. I relied on other people to make those dreams a reality. Riding on their coat tails, I could be a part of their adventures. It took losing those coat tails to take those adventures out of the hypothetical.

A year and a half ago, I was planning a road trip with a friend. We were going to drive all the way to Washington to see the Pacific North West. We would document our trip through photography and constantly be creating along our path. The trip was really starting to take shape when suddenly, it was gone. That friend was gone. All the adventures that came with them were gone.

While it was sad, I realized what I had come to rely on. I was not relying on myself, instead I was floating along after other people. So in the year that ensued I worked to change that. I pursued creative outlets that were outside of my comfort zone, I met like-minded people and I started building a life that I was proud of. With all of that came the opportunity to finally go to Seattle.

The best part? It was my trip. I planned it out with two of my closest friends and, together we made it happen. We worked with Kimpton Hotels and Pac Westy to get the best of both worlds of the city and the outdoors. We took photos and created some of the most stunning content. I have never been prouder of the work I did than on this trip. I also had the chance to see someone who I love dearly and support their creative career as well. This trip was the culmination of everything I had been working towards since I began this blog.

The images in this post are editorial photos taken of me. The ones I had dreamt about since the conception of the road trip that never happened. While it never came to pass, I now know it was not meant to be.  Instead there was something bigger and better waiting for me when I came around to creating my life in the vision I had on my own. The adventures I had seen through the eyes of someone else have one by one become real because I have made them happen. And it was all because I started a pursuit of them whether I was polished or not.

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