I do not think there is anything more Nashville than double denim. Especially if that denim is vintage. I’ve been wearing this Levi’s jacket ever since I can remember. I was always a tall child and it fit even in elementary school.

My mother was the original owner of this lovely piece of denim. I think she told me she got in high school in the late 70’s. Her initials are embroidered just above the front pocket. It’s my favorite thing about the jacket. People never fail to ask me who JMR is, because they for sure know its not my monogram.

I have featured a few vintage pieces on my blog and on my instagram. Mostly, my vintage collection consists of the outerwear and handbags. A few of those pieces were passed down from my mother. I love vintage in moderation and make exceptions for pieces that feel really me, or you know actually fit. At 5 foot 10 and built a little thicker than a stick, I often find it difficult to commit to a full vintage wardrobe. Also I just do not have the patience one needs to do so. I will absolutely continue to mix in my finds with my regular wardrobe.

I wore this outfit last night to go see Call Me By Your Name. The movie was incredible! It was beautifully shot and the soundtrack was just superb. Admittedly, I did not read the book before hand. I wish I had. My favorite part was the end monologue by the main character’s father. It was heartfelt and hit close to home. Leaving the theater I was still processing all of the emotions the movie brought up. If you get that kind of reaction from a film, then it deserves some type of award because it did its job.

Note from one novice photographer: These are more self portraits. If you read my last post, you know I have been trying to create more content on my own. My stubborn nature keeps me from asking for help often and my need to do things on my own lead me to experimentations such as this. Not going to lie the process of doing it all myself can get really frustrating. It has been so much trial and error, trying to get the focus in the right place, trying to make sure I am in the right place, and getting everything just right is difficult. It doesn’t help that once the self timer goes I am basically blind, my inner control freak needs to calm down. But in all I am having fun with it. Once I get it right there is a lot of joy knowing that this was something I accomplished on my own.


Photography: Caroline Voisine


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