Last week when I was in Louisville, we visited this really incredible spot along the river. If you Google it, its called the Door to Nowhere. Where the building sits now is not where it was originally built but it was moved here in 2007. The facade is the last remaining relic of a Louisville neighborhood that no longer exists. Interestingly, it was built before the Civil War by an immigrant stone mason who carved patriotic themes in a very fashionable part of Louisville. However, time, weather, and progress slowly deteriorated all the others and all that was left was this. The Door to Nowhere is now a feature of the Riverpark Place.I posted a photo from this series to my instagram last week because I just loved them so much. The day was very gloomy and raining, which gave the facade an extra eerie vibe. Seriously these photos just scream witchy to me and I am here for it! But when I posted the photo it was captioned “Door to Nowhere” and some one else commented, “Or maybe its the door to anywhere”. That sentiment resonated so well with me. I actually stopped and just thought “Yes, absolutely this person is right”. Our outlook on where we are going in life, or maybe in a smaller way, has so much impact. The idea that nowhere could in fact be anywhere is so spot on its scary. Nowhere has such negative connotation, yes you can not see where this door is going but if its anywhere the possibilities are endless. The last few weeks have been extremely exciting. I’ve been working like crazy to put myself out there and meet people, travel and make some meaningful connections. Because of this I’m starting to see a bit of that paying off. I’ve been visiting and reconnecting with old friends, and creating some wonderful new opportunities at home. Keeping in the theme of this post, I’ve been opening my own doors and making some wild things happen. In the past I’ve gone from some one who always felt in control of her life, to someone who became passive and discontent with where she was going. Finally, I’m starting to feel like my old self again. My goals are a bit more clear and I’m fully engaged in making them happen. My door to nowhere is really turning out to be a door to anywhere. Ok ok ok, I’ll talk about the outfit. This one was really unplanned. I tried planning out outfits for posts beforehand but I ended up throwing a bunch of clothes in my bag that worked together and just wore what I felt like that day. Also, when I left Nashville on Friday it was 75 degrees and Saturday in Louisville it was 45, my fashion brain was confused. This outfit turned out to be perfect for this location. the neutral tones with all of the stone work was brilliant. So good you would think that I planned it! Again, I did not.

I might have said this before but it is my opinion that everyone should own a trench coat. They are such a classic staple and elevate any outfit. Really all I am wearing is a cream sweater, skinny jeans and ankle boots. It’s really not that exciting an outfit, but when you add the trench it’s like a whole new thing!My friend, Emma, took these photos and she absolutely killed it! I absolutely believe in the work of photographers, they have an incredible bank of knowledge and produce beautiful works of art. There is no substitute for someone who knows what they are doing in terms of a camera and art,  but sometimes you can produce some really beautiful images with just a friend with a good eye and some experience with edits. I’m really thankful for my friends who support what I am trying to do with this blog. Those who are patient, are willing to help when I need it, and just as psyched at the outcome as I am. Really, I could not do this without them.

Anyway, I’m just as excited about these photos as I was when we took them last week. Sharing them finally feels great. I once was afraid that this blog and the effort I put into it would be a door to nowhere and now it really feels like its a door to anywhere.

Jeans | Sweater (similar) | Boots (similar) | Trench

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