There is a place for her among the blossoming trees, where the sunbeams filter down through branches heavily laden in petals. The golden hour upon a wild soul, basking in fleeting light but eternal feeling. Hold tight to this moment for in the next it will all be gone. Always remember the spring time blossoms and the golden light that now travels inside you again.I have always been fascinated by the creative arts. For a long time I wanted nothing more than to be a writer and from time to time I still feel that urge to sit down and write a novel. The romance of poetry has held a flame in my heart since I wrote a book report on Emily Dickinson in the third grade. The visual arts, painting, drawing, photography, its all been something I’ve been intrigued by ever since I can remember. Maybe it is because I love beautiful things and I find a lot of art to be particularly awe inspiring. There were days when I was younger where I could always be found creating something. I would be doodling or writing all of the time but as I got older something shifted. In middle school the creative writing course I took was amazing because I got to write all of the time about whatever I wanted, there were the makings of a young fantasy writer in the assignments I turned in from that class. I took every art class I could, pottery, painting, even a digital arts class my freshman year of high school. After all of that it changed. College took up much of my time and the internet became this all consuming thing. With so many other places to give my time, I just stopped completely. No more writing, no more drawing, just doodling in the margins of my notepaper during meetings.With this realization that I stopped tapping into my own creativity, I’m making the effort to, at the very least, get back in to writing a bit more. I know this blog has given me an avenue to talk about my feelings and struggles through writing, but there is this other side to me that remembers how badly I love to create worlds and stories through my writing. So I think I might try using my blog photos as little catalysts for storytelling. Who is this person in the photos. What is she telling us or what story can we weave around her if we knew nothing else about her other than the instant that is captured in perfectly organized pixels.Those of you who follow me on Instagram will grow tired of seeing this dress. I’ve worn it quite a few times since we took these photos. It is from Loft but I think it looks like a dress you would see from Realization Par or Reformation. I wore it to an event a few days ago because its perfect to dress up or down. The weather was not quite warm enough yet to warrant wearing this with sandals but I have since discovered it looks great with boots or with espadrille wedges! I love how short it is to show off the legs but it has built in shorts underneath the skirt which helps with the length issue. It’s not always on my agenda to flash people some cheek. It really is an easy to wear all in once piece.I’m excited to start tapping back into my creative side. I started journaling last summer and have managed to find a way that works well for me in keeping it up. There is no pressure to record every aspect of my life, instead I write whatever comes in to mind in that moment. That is the thing about organic creativity, the more pressure you put on it the less likely you are to want to do it. Or at least that is how it works for me. Someone else could be completely different but hey aren’t we all!







Photography: Caroline McKinney

Dress | Boots

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