I love a good dreary rainy day. There is something so romantic about a storm. Summer storms have a hot and humid fantasy but autumn storms are a different breed. Autumn storms capture this indescribable mood. They are darker, more brooding, and fantastically melancholy. It’s like trading in a rom-com for a film noir. Now I do not claim to embody the attributes of such a storm but lately life has felt a lot like one. This outfit was shot before one of those types of storms. We managed to fit it in between bouts of rain.

Oh this outfit! I had so many different variations of this outfit planned before I finally settled on this look. I realize that I feel most comfortable in jeans. and I was planning on wearing jeans for this one too. But I have so many things in my closet that are not denim! I love skirts and dresses but as soon as it starts to get a little chilly I almost forget they are an option. Luckily it was a little warmer when we shot this so I was very comfortable in bare legs.

I wanted to dress this look down with a graphic tee and I love that this one says ABCDEFEMME.  Gucci loafers are a shoe that I covet! But I’m on a budget and sadly those are not shoes I can see in myself affording anytime soon. I found a really good pair of knock offs though! They are still pretty expensive but for $120 Sam Edelman makes an insanely comfortable and similar looking shoes. I can not recommend them enough!

Funfact: This skirt is actually way too big on me and I had to pin it with safety pins. It’s hidden under the jacket so I think I got away with it. I’ve worn this blazer a lot since I bought it. I spent weeks trying to find a boyfriend blazer that fit correctly and was not a thousand dollars. I found this one at Target of all places! It cost less than $50 and is really good quality. Way to go Target!

Storms are not permanent. The weather changes and they leave just as quickly as they came in. The skies clear and life goes on. That’s how I like to view it, though we may have hard days, weeks or months, there will be better times. There are so many things I am looking forward to in the near future; Projects I want to start, skills I want to better and places I want to go. Whenever I am feeling stormy, I try to plan something to strive for, set some goals and get back on my path. There is nothing that can take you off your path when you are the one creating it.

Photography: Robbie Hall

What I Am Wearing

Jacket | Tshirt | Skirt | Loafers

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