I was talking to my sister about how I have had a serious case of writers block when it comes to these blog posts. Lately, my heart has not been in it the same way it was a few months ago. It’s not mystery what has changed. I changed, my content changed, my life changed, my focus changed. There is nothing wrong with that. Change is inevitable and it’s good.  When I started this blog, I was searching for a lot of different things, a community, a hobby, a place for expression and exploration. And the crazy thing is I found that and so much more a long the way.

But with all the good came different challenges. Navigating the world of bloggers, brands and influencers is not as easy as it looks. Everyone likes to talk about the comparison game and how they want to stop comparing themselves to others, hell I’m pretty sure I’ve talked about it too, but that might the hardest thing about blogging to do.When I started this blog I was only comfortable taking pictures of my outfits and talking about my challenges in the everyday but as time went on I stopped kidding myself and realized what I loved most about blogging. Photography. I love fashion photography so much and I wanted to push the envelope when it came to editorial content. But I decided to do that just as the blogger world started to move away from that kind of content. To be honest my Instagram account has suffered for it, but my heart is so much fuller. I have never been more proud of the content. I’ve also seen the algorithm’s wrath reduce girls to tears and maybe I’m not cut out to be the advertiser for brands. Maybe my place in this world is behind the camera. I started my photography account at the end of July and it might be my favorite child. Sure I love seeing beautiful images of myself but there is no feeling quite like when you see the images you create yourself. I thought for a time that this blog might lead me to styling for photo shoots and in a way it has. While I do work with a lot of bloggers who style themselves beautifully, my favorite shoots have been the ones I’ve completely styled myself. Fashion photography allows me the freedom to create around clothes in a way that is so fulfilling. I just want to keep doing it.This was such a perfect day when we went out to shoot. My friend Taylor and I spent an afternoon shooting looks downtown, in Nashville. We wandered around looking for spots that would work and we were not disappointed. I had planned this look for a few weeks before actually getting a chance to shoot it. I was once again inspired by the bloggers of London and Paris and the only place that we could have used for a backdrop was the Hermitage Hotel. It is a beautiful hotel built at the turn of the 19th century to emulate the great hotels of Europe and truly stands the test of time. Every time I look at these images I forget they were taken in Tennessee, well until I look at the newspaper stand.

I felt so great in this outfit. These trousers cinch in your waist like crazy and the blouse made me feel so cool and chic. Double breasted blouses are a little tricky though, you have to be careful or someone will get a full frontal view of your bra. I wore my patent boots to add a bit of edge to this tres chic ensemble and topped it all off with delicate jewelry. I felt timeless but modern all at once. To finish up the day Taylor and I grabbed a latte at Frothy and shot a few cafe window photos with her vintage video camera. She seriously has the best props.

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