What can I possibly say about Lula Lake? This piece of protected land is part of Lookout Mountain and the main trail to the lake and waterfall is an incredibly fun challenge. One of the best highlights is the overlook at the top of the bluff. It is about a mile up hill but completely worth it. I’m not sure if it overlooks Tennessee or Georgia though.

Generally for hikes I like to keep my outfits functional over fashionable. The majority of this look is made out of pieces I bought on sale from Old Navy. Again we were hiking so wearing a full ensemble was kind out of the question. Denim shorts, a tank top and my trusty Chaco sandals were perfect. Basically I wore a variation of this outfit on all of my outdoor outings and camping this summer.

Fun fact, the bandana that I am wear is actually a napkin that I took from Barista Parlor and cut in half. I wonder how many people take napkins from there                                                                           

Photography: Robbie Hall

Location: Lula Lake Land Trust

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