Body image, its the universal struggle of our society. Whether you’re female, male, tall, short, or anything in between, it seems like the struggle to accept your shape will be a long adventure. Sometimes it feels like body positivity is talked about ad nauseam. We are bombarded with advertisements and products that have latched onto a market telling us to love ourselves but not without this deodorant or that bra. So why should you care what another random person out there has to say about struggles with body positivity? Is it even genuine?

Recently I’ve been having a hard time being positive so this is more of a cathartic rant that I hope resonates with others. I am one of those people who is hyper aware of changes in her body. I know exactly when I start to gain weight or when something does not feel quite right. I’ve also been socialized to fear weight gain, its been imprinted that one can not be happy if one is not thin. But it doesn’t make any sense. In the past few months I have been the happiest I have been in years. My time has been spent with friends and being social. But because this generally revolves around food and alcohol I have been indulging more than I have in the past. Because of this, my pants are fitting a little tighter and I am filling out dresses more than usual.

My first instinct when I realize I’ve gained weight is to panic. In doing so I beat myself up to no end. “If you don’t take care of this now how will anyone like you?” “You shouldn’t eat for a week.” How could you let yourself get this way!” I don’t want to do this to myself anymore. I want to be kinder to myself. My body allows me to do crazy amazing things whether it’s 10 lbs heavier than society thinks it should be. It allows me to indulge and go to social events and be crazy creative, so instead of punishing myself, I’m going to thank it for being healthy and just try to take care of it more.

Well friends this is a different look for me, I know. But, it was time to go outside of my comfort zone. I have been so inspired by fashion images and European bloggers taking their street looks to a more editorial and artistic level. While this look is not a new one from a fashion perspective, I was afraid to try it out because of what others might think. This blog was not built on the fear of judgement though so must push onward.

Honestly this look was incredibly empowering. I have not been feeling super great about my figure recently ,as you just read, and this was a way to conquer that inner turmoil on my own terms. Showing off a bra like this is not my everyday look. I know it is not something I would wear to Target  or ever to work, but it makes for wonderful fashion inspiration. Ultimately, my goal here is to inspire others through clothes and editorial imagery. So this look accomplished quite a few things here.  First, it pushed me outside of comfort zone, second it felt amazing, and third it moved my content forward. I am so proud of that.

Creativity comes when we push ourselves. Always staying the same leaves little room for growth and the fear of judgement is what really hold us back. I feel like I say this a lot but the world opens up to you when you stop caring about what others think and just do what you want to do. And when you’re doing that, it’s difficult to be unhappy.

Photography: Meaghan Campbell

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