I cut my hair again! Well I added more bangs. But I love it, I’ve been craving bangs for over year now but could not bring myself to cut them after I spent the last two years growing the last ones out. For the Christmas holiday I went back to Detroit to visit my family. In all honesty the trip did not end as I expected it it too. I went home with a lot of baggage and managed to return to Nashville feeling quite a bit lighter. When you hold on to negative feelings for so long they have a tendency to seep into so many other aspects of your life. You might not see it but it effects your mood, your approach to relationships, and your over all state of being. While I am certainly not the poster child for letting go of a grudge, I feel like I am finally beginning to see what they meant by saying “just let go.” For the sake of being transparent I am just going say what happened. A few years a go a relationship that I cared very deeply about disintegrated. I never saw it coming. The rug was pulled out from under this whole life plan I had set for myself. On top of it all the ending of that relationship came in such a painful way that I lost my sense of trust and my sense of self. Every young woman has a version of this story, but I hated how much of myself I lost over another person.

I held on to all of that for far too long. I did not deal with it. I ignored every feeling about it until it eventually battered me over the head. Figuratively of course. The past few months I have a done a lot of work to get myself back to a better place. This blog being one of those things, has brought me my sense of purpose and strength back. However, with all of these changes and declarations of a “New Me”, there was still one suitcase I needed to unpack. I met him face to face and got the closure I needed. It was not planned but a rather impulsive thing for me to do. But in the end I walked away with that piece of baggage claimed. Those who have mastered the art of traveling light will know how freeing that can feel.

These photos were taken at the White Horse Inn in Metamora Michigan. It’s about an hour out of the city in this quaint historic town. The Inn itself is a converted carriage house and stable. They serve an amazing menu of upscale dining and I could not imagine a place more festive for the holiday season. I need to give a shout out to my mother for taking these. She really stepped up when I needed her. My entire family drove out to this restaurant for my sister’s birthday. She is a Christmas Eve baby, so there is an extra layer of celebration for the holidays in my family. Right as we were leaving it began to snow. It did not stop snowing, in all I think we got about eight inches. The Detroit area truly had a white Christmas.

I did not pack for snow! The thought never even crossed my mind. I packed very lightly for this trip and only brought two pairs of suede boots with me. Who does that? Clearly I was thinking about fashion over function when throwing clothes into my suitcase. I really like this outfit. My go to turtle neck always makes me feel pulled together. I have not worn this skirt since the summer and I love how it looks winterized. The black tights and black boots pull everything together, not to mention kept me pretty warm. I only brought my plaid coat with me so I chose not to wear it for photos since it has already been highly featured on my Instagram and some on the blog.

I am so grateful to have finally let go of some of the baggage weighing me down. It goes along with this theme I’ve been feeling for the end of the year of accepting my own happiness and shedding the fear of negativity. Letting go of this feeling that was holding me back from accepting who I am personally and creatively is a huge step forward. To anyone else who is struggling with these types of feelings about the past, I can only wish you the best because I know how hard it is to let go.

Photography: My Mother

Turtleneck | Skirt (similar)|  Boots (similar)

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