So…….it’s been awhile. I don’t really have an excuse as to why I have not been blogging. It was not a planned hiatus or even something I was super aware was happening. It wasn’t even until the other day I realized my last post was from August. Two months. That is the longest I have gone since I started this thing almost a year ago., which is crazy to think that in a few short weeks will be a year old. I’ll save that reflection for another time. The real reason the blog was on hold has everything to do with my creative journey. In July I started my photography business and have shifted a majority of my focus to that. While I love clothes and styling myself I realized I was more inspired by the stories I could tell with them. I was almost styling costumes for characters I made up for each shoot.

I am a story teller. Always have been, always will be. That’s why at the start of blog posts I always add a bit of creative writing to set the mood of story I want to tell. But stories are not just told through words, they are told through images and emotions. Fully fleshed out, they create reactions to those who see, hear or read them. I want to be as well-rounded a story teller as I can be, so I turned to photography so that not only can I write about beautiful things but also capture the beautiful fleeting moments of those stories that simply cannot be told through words. That is my passion and that is my pursuit, polished or not.

If you follow me on Instagram then you probably already know about my trip with friends to Roan Mountain. This trip really allowed me to stretch my legs as a photographer but I also had a vision for a shoot involving myself.  I found myself inspired by the Bronte sister’s novels (I know, I know always with the characters and the literature). I had this vision of a highland girl exploring the rocky terrain, but make it fashion. When I got the photos back from my friends all that played in my brain was the theme song from Outlander.

The most wonderful part about all of this that this view was not even in Scotland. It was just 5 hours east of Nashville. But yes I did hike about a mile in a dress and the weather was 80 degrees. But hey, they shoot editorials for magazines in all sorts of weather so in truth, I suffered for art. Photography and fashion can transport you, when there is an element of fantasy. Being able to play with both of them is a dream come true.

The styling for this shoot was a mishmash of things I already had but I will link similar things below




Irish Wool Cardigan



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