Ok here we go! The hardest part of any project is getting started. This blogĀ for example was the hardest thing for me to start. I had always thought the idea of starting a fashion blog was unrealistic. That was something that other people did, not something I was capable of. But I have always loved fashion and style blogs, ever since I discovered them in college I do not think a day has gone by where I did not open at least one. Although my tastes have changed significantly in the past half decade my love for style and clothes has remained constant.

Anyway! I had a lot of fear of what other people would think if I put myself out there like that. Would they think that I was too full of myself, would they think my attempt was not good enough? Also, I did not have the right equipment, I could not afford to buy new clothes at the rate that professional fashion bloggers can. I had a lot of excuses and I wanted it to be perfect. But how can you compare someone at their start to someone who is already experienced? After some extensive encouragement and reassurance from those closest to me I rodeĀ a wave a bravery and started posting outfits to Instagram. It may not be as professional looking as those bloggers who have been doing this forever but it is mine and I am so proud of it. So that is the theme of this blog over all. Overcoming fear to do the things that might make you happy. Forgetting about your inner critic and creating things that you love no matter who is watching. So here we go, getting started.Photography: Robbie Hall



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