I have had some extra time on my hands lately. Usually I relish in staying busy, having little time to breathe or think too deeply. Keeping that kind of pace only leads to an inevitable burnout. While I know burnout can hit hard, it does not keep me from feeling the anxiety that comes with an open schedule. I live with an achiever mindset and do not want to miss out on opportunities. I feel like I am slacking if I am not using my time productively. But I need to re-set how I view productivity. Slowing down when it comes to social activities or creative projects does not mean that I am no longer committed to achieving my dreams. Tonight is second Friday night I have found myself without plans in a long time. Last weekend I was exhausted, and used the night to veg out and really recover from several hectic weekends. This weekend I’ve found myself once again without structure. Instead of moping and feeling like I was missing out on some external opportunity, I used my spare time to teach myself something new in Photoshop and create differently with my art.

I have seen the use of textures as a way to add to a photograph a lot lately. I love how grains, smudges, and etches can take a standard photograph and transform it into this beautiful work of art. So I started with Youtube. I found several tutorials on how to just add the texture as a layer. From there I just played. I let my instincts and practical knowledge guide me into whatever I felt looked like was in my head. But I never got there. Instead while I was playing I found that I left behind the preconceived notion on how I thought I wanted it to look and let the process guide me into what I should be. So this is what I came up with.

I took these photos a few weekends ago during one of those days that I filled to the brim with activities. They were born out of this idea in my head that I was so thrilled to see come to life with the snap of the lens. They were an experiment in vision and I knew they would be the perfect images to continue to experiment with. I am really proud with what I came up with and I can not wait to continue to experiment.

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